About Us

Top Real Estate Group (TREG) , a Kuwaiti leading marketing and consultancy company, provides marketing plans and direct sale services to local, regional and international real estate companies and firms in the GCC, the Middle East and the UK. Aiming to ensure the finest level of service, we have set up our business in the GCC. We spare no efforts to offer our investors everywhere the best opportunities.

TREG has a broad professional reach across the entire GCC region and most of Middle East countries, with agents dedicated to offering each client a customized personal service. Entering into contracts with selected property developers and distinguished landlords to sell their products in GCC and some other Middle East countries has boosted our business.

The Group with its agents in the GCC sold more than 20 exclusive projects and hundreds of nonexclusive projects, through different ways of marketing, such as:

Direct sales through the Group and agents client data base

Advertising campaigns in newspapers, outdoor and magazines

Participating in most of Real Estate exhibitions in the region

Press release campaigns

TREG believes that the market demand for Real Estate is high. We are highly confident that our business is at the leading edge that we will satisfy our investors and achieve their aims.

Mission Statement:

The key factor to a competitive edge for any commercial real estate portfolio, large or small, is the local real estate professional.Each expert at TREG is highly cognizant of the market and each has developed relationships with property owners, major tenants, government agencies and technical advisors.TREG is dedicated to the creation of quality working and living environments in which our clients can fulfill their expectations of lifestyle and security. In our attempt to achieve this objective, we will be responsible and fair, as well as uncompromising in the pursuit of excellence, quality and customer service