Our Team

To create world-beating projects you require a world beating team.

It is clear that our amazing team have played a crucial role in our success. As a company which boasts a large national and multi-ethnic workforce, we realize that our commitment does not stop at providing a challenging work environment, but extends to employees professional and personal growth.

In order to create history, you require a team that is prepared to plan thoroughly think more creatively and work with more dedication then ever before. We searched the world and put together the very best people in their fields.

We value our staff at TREG and want to ensure that we employ the best people. We look for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players who will enjoy the excitement and challenges of working for a very successful and rapidly growing firm. As a customer focused company, we also look for people with a passion for delivering excellent customer service to our many customers. 

TREG takes pride in its staff of property sales and management professionals and the services we offer. Whether you have one or hundreds investment properties, TREG will deliver the same efficient, courteous service. 



Group Management

Sheaikh Malek Bader Al Sabah

Chairman- TREG

Tel: +965 25757871

Fax: +965 25757874

Email: malek@toprealestategroup.com

Waleed M. Al Qaddoumi

Managing Director

Tel: +965 25757871

Fax: +965 25757874

Email: waleed@toprealestategroup.com

Dr. Niloufar Ahmari

Administrative Manager

Tel: +965 25757871

Fax: +965 25757874

Email: niloufar@toprealestategroup.com

Mohammad Al Qaddoumi

Vice Managing Director For Marketing & Sales

Tel: +965 25757871

Fax: +965 25757874

Email: mqadoumi@toprealestategroup.com