Meeting for real estate opportunities in Birmingham – UK


 “Utopia Properties” organizes an Induction Meeting for real estate opportunities in Birmingham – UK

Farghaly: We spare no effort to offer the best exclusive investment opportunities to our clients

Foote: We look forward to offering great investment opportunities to buyers in Qatar and Kuwait

Mohammed Farghaly, the Executive Manager of “Utopia Properties”, a member of Top Real Estate Group (TREG), said that the company will be organizing the induction meeting on real estate opportunities offered in Birmingham at the Sheraton Hotel Doha, Qatar, on Monday 8th January for clients wishing to learn about the exclusive real estate and investment opportunities in premium locations in Birmingham, the second largest British city after London, with a population of more than 3 million, and three major universities in addition to a range of prestigious university colleges. "Utopia Properties”, through its partnership with Seven Capital, a key player in Birmingham's property market, is picking out the best opportunities to offer to its clients in terms of location, value and investment feasibility," said Farghaly.

Farghaly added that the time is now the best time for investment in Birmingham, where real estate values surged by 17% in 2017 to fully record the highest real estate growth in Britain. Annual rents also yield 6-7% of the highest rates Britain at the moment, especially if we compare it with the rental yields in London, which is 2% on average.

"Utopia Properties” is the first company in the G.C.C to offer properties in Birmingham since 2015, and we have marketed and sold more than 12 residential projects in downtown Birmingham to Qatari, Kuwaiti and Gulf investors," said Farghaly.

For his part, Director at Seven Capital, Andy Foote expressed delight for having this introductory meeting on real estate opportunities in Birmingham city and looked forward to meeting interested clients and investors face-to-face to introduce them to the bright future that is currently being built on Birmingham land through the ambitious plan adopted by Birmingham City Council along with the British Government to develop its business environment through announcing ambitious projects in the fields of transportation, communications, entertainment and localization of banking industry as Birmingham is the largest financial center in Britain, with headquarters of main banks such as the HSBC and Deutsche Bank as well as the recent announcement of plans to move the Bank of England to its headquarters to Birmingham, which gave a great impetus to this sector and positively reflected on the real estate market in the city,  and the Government plans to develop the infrastructure in the center of the city by pumping about four billion pounds for development.  The Government plans contributed to connecting the high-speed rail to the city by short-cutting the distance from London to Birmingham to only 40 minutes, reflecting positively on the residential real estate sector and on rental and investment returns.

Foote said that The British – Qatari Investment and Business Forum, held in London last March under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani, and attracted more than 1,000 participants from government institutions, businessmen and business owners from both sides has given great momentum to the real estate market in Birmingham, where two days were dedicated to discuss the investment opportunities offered by Birmingham in multiple sectors. This forum has resulted in the signing of many agreements in various fields.

In terms of reviewing the “Seven Capital” projects in Birmingham, the International Sales Director, John Treacy, said that the company's portfolio of projects in Birmingham is close to £1.2 billion distributed over 16 residential projects all located in prime locations within Birmingham city center, making us the largest private developer in the entire city. The Group also owns the Park Regis hotel chain and its executive arm, Colmore Tang, one of Birmingham's largest construction companies. John Treacy added that the company's sales exceeding £ 300 million over the last three years is a strong indicator of demand in the city. Treacy said the company has ambitious plans to develop and build about 5,000 apartments in the city center to complement its long-term investment in Birmingham.

For his part, Adrian Endersby TREG business development manager added that Birmingham has great advantage as it presents itself as a great city for study, work and housing. A growing number of international students from abroad are choosing to settle in Birmingham, as it provides a vibrant lifestyle, cost-of-living accommodation and exceptional transportation links to the rest of the United Kingdom and beyond. Thus, Birmingham is rated as the next future for the UK real estate industry with its low prices, ambitious plans, and their high growth rates expected in the coming years.

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