During the period from 24-28 March at Doha Sheraton


Utopia Properties Group is holding a special exhibition at the Doha Sheraton Hotel, Dukhan Hall, from 24-28 March 2019. The Group offers a range of exclusive real estate opportunities in London and Milton Keynes, which are attracting the attention of a large segment of investors who want to own properties in Britain.

 A special suite at the prestigious London Property Show, which is being developed by Berkeley Group, a renowned real estate developer in London and its environs, including properties in prime locations, river views, picturesque gardens and real estate, very close to Hyde Park, Oxford street is characterized by the availability of all the company's projects in which all modern services in addition to high-quality construction and high-end finishes, which marked the Berkeley Group above other working in this sector in the UK companies.

The Utopia group, which has a relationship with the British real estate market for more than 25 years, is continuously working to provide all the successful and feasible opportunities for its customers in Kuwait and Qatar. Mr. Al Qaddoumi added: To the needs of its customers, whether to invest or to acquire the unit for family housing and enjoy during their periods in Britain and that the Group's trip to secure the appropriate properties extended to more than one area in Britain, the most prominent cities of London and Melton Keynes, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and other small and medium-sized cities.

Al Qaddoumi said the group has recently signed an agreement with Berkeley Group to market its projects in Qatar and Kuwait. Berkeley Group has more than 60 real estate projects currently being developed in several locations in London and its suburbs. These projects are an integral part of the region. On the steps of the main tourist, commercial and service facilities and provide easy transport services, including trains under Ground, and on the company's projects are available all the services of parking and guard and health clubs and other services of interest to the occupant of the building.

On the other hand, Al Qaddoumi considered that the historical relationship between the citizens of the Gulf states in Britain is inherent and London is the most prominent destination for them. This relationship was not affected by the fluctuations of politics and economy. On the contrary, we noticed that since the global crisis in 2008, the British real estate market, top to investors and owners of property and housing at a time when the decline of large real estate markets in the world, whether regional or global, and AlQaddoumi added that investors have benefited greatly from the decline in prices and the decline in the exchange rate of the pound, which achieved them in the medium and long term, Al-Qaddoumi said that what the British is currently going through is a lack of clarity and hesitation due to the Brexit and the lack of a clear vision for the future of Britain's relations with Europe. However, this will not affect much the decision to buy the property specifically for the Gulf citizens. Now the opportunity is to benefit from the depreciation of the property Which will not retreat more than it is now and benefit from the exchange rates that are definitely in favor of investors, the current situation is in favor of the final owner of the property, which seeks to acquire private property and not for speculation and rapid exit.

Nicholas Spencer, Business Development Manager at Berkeley Group, said: "The Berkeley Group is proud to partner with Utopia, offering a range of prestigious properties in central London. "We are currently offering at the Sheraton Hotel and are honored to meet you. "Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding Britain's exit from the European Union, London remains one of the most popular and global cities in the world for overseas buyers, and few cities compete for culture and history, which is the number one market for Qatari investment.

Spencer said over the past 40 years, Berkeley has pioneered London's property market and is responsible for creating some of the most inspiring real estate and luxury in the city, creating homes for thousands of people. "This week, we offer 5 of our most important projects in Kensington, Chelsea, Battersea and Oval, where all properties offer a comprehensive living environment and provide a wide range of amenities, such as 24-hour gym, cinema and concierge. He invited citizens to visit the exhibition, saying: "I am sure that we have a house suitable for you and your family.