Al Sanad properties Exclusive agent for TREG in Egypt


Al-Sanad Properties, based in Cairo, and Top Real Estate Group (TREG), based in Kuwait, signed a cooperation agreement so as Al-Sanad shall act as the exclusive agent for the Top Group within Egypt, for marketing the prominent real estate projects in Britain, Spain, Turkey, Canada, and Dubai, as Top Group exclusively assumes its marketing within the Western Region. Such projects total fifteen various real estate projects ranging between under construction projects and ready projects for immediate handover. They offer different spaces, ranging from studio and independent villas.

Walid Al-Qadoumi, the Managing Director of Top Real Estate Group, stated that the group has strived since its inception to offer a quality real estate to the Arab consumer distinguished for profitable and guaranteed yields. In the meantime, it shall take all necessary formalities to ensure integrity of the legal position of all projects offered. Top Group is deemed the first of Arab companies marketing foreign real estate projects within the region. Walid Al-Qadoumi expressed its happiness for signing a cooperation protocol with Al-Sanad Properties. He further added that signing this protocol is the fruit of cooperation with new success partners, and opening a well-populated market, such as the Egyptian market looking forward for new opportunities.

Commenting on the agreement, Mohamed Farghali, the Executive Manager of TREG, stated that the agreement includes appointing Al-Sanad Properties as an exclusive agent for marketing the Group’s projects within the Egyptian market thanks to such prominent opportunities offered in such markets. As the Group desires for meeting such an increased demand on the Egyptian market for investing in and holding properties within foreign markets. Farghali further added that selection of Al-Sanad Properties resulted from a lengthy study of the Egyptian market and the leading agent working therein. We found many positive factors inside the company, the prime of which is the professional management and highly qualified staff, aside from trustworthiness and good reputation of the company. Farghali also affirmed that Top Group cannot waive the level of efficiency of customer service, where it role is not limited to the marketing role, but not surpassing offering and providing all relevant aftersales services. He added that the Group adopts strict standards in all marketing and legal issues assure integrity of the legal situation of the project, and that investment yields are profitable, and marks a genuine opportunity for investors. Farghali affirmed that offering that these projects results from the Group’s ongoing strive for offering the best real estate opportunities in the international real estate market across various areas. This shall guarantee actual yields for the investor, whether rental or arising from invested capital gross through working with a group of top real estate developers within such markets to ensure handover of the projects in a timely manner, while assuring quality, distinguished location, excellent rates, and profitable yields.

Meanwhile, Bassem Al-Sherbini, the Chairman of Al-Sanad Properties said that signing a cooperation protocol with TREG is a continuation of series of successes within 2017, as the projects of such volumes have been offered at such countries for the Egyptian consumer. Al-Sanad Properties strived to sign this protocol as it found that the Egyptian market needs diversification of real estate portfolio inside Egypt and abroad, thanks to the current economic circumstances. Top Group has been selected to sign this protocol thanks to its vast experience in this field. Since 1995 till now, and thanks to the spread of its sales and aftersales service offices across those companies where these projects are available.

Magdy Saad, the Managing Director of Al-Sanad Properties, further indicated that signing this protocol shall allow us offering real estate projects containing spaces starting from 37 meters to independent villas of 245 meters. Unit prices vary, where the price of real estate units in Britain starts from 50K sterling pounds, while the price of real estate unit starts from 80K US dollars. Investment yields range from 5% to 10% as annual rentals. Meanwhile, the real estate asset value reaches up to 10% annually in some cities and prominent locations. He further that the role of Al-Sanad Properties in cooperation with Top Group is not limited to just signing contracts between clients and developers, but all facilities and consultancies necessary for clients shall be provided so as to ensure integrated purchasing experience free of any obstacles.

Saad further added that the projects offered meets the demands of a wide strata of Egyptian investors desiring for diversifying their investment portfolios, where the company focuses on diversifying income sources for its clients through selection of investment projects at various places, so as to ensure reducing risks, as well as maximizing gains through focusing on the projects located at places under construction in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, for example.


Mohamed Farghali and Magdy Saad exchanges signed agreement.