Khaled Jasim Utopia Brand Ambassador


Utopia Properties, the leading and distinguished international real estate investment company, has announced the appointment of the brilliant Media Personality Khaled Jasim as its brand ambassador among its efforts to enhance the international real estate investment culture and to enrich the community's role carried out by the group in raising awareness of real estate concepts and mechanisms for the Gulf public. Mr. Mohammad Farghaly, the Chief Executive Officer of “Utopia Properties” has expressed happiness for signing this agreement and confidence that this step contributes to the transfer of proper knowledge and awareness of foreign investment methods, rules and concepts in a simplified and clear manner to the masses of those interested in real estate investing abroad, and to ensure that everyone has access to information in simplified and direct ways without being restricted to certain times or places as the cooperation with the media personality Khaled Jasim will allow the smooth transmission of information illustratively and directly to his followers on social networking platforms at any time and from any place in an interesting and effective manner at the same time.

Farghaly added that “Utopia Properties” is not only a profitable business but also a cultural, humanitarian and community project at the same time as since the establishment in 2011 our strategy includes mechanisms and approaches to connect people with each other through the establishment of integrated communities of clients in the countries where we practice our real estate activity coupled with our success in creating a set of values ​​and principles which we committed ourselves first in how to guarantee the clients’ rights and provide them with legal knowledge, life and expertise necessary to facilitate their living experience in those countries where they purchased properties in addition to providing them with continuous support and continuous communication at the highest level to ensure peace of mind both before and after the purchase is completed.

Farghaly stressed that cooperation with the brilliant media personality, Khaled Jasim, will be a great addition to the company's efforts in this regard given Khaled’s overpowering media presence in addition to his reputation and experience in the field of media since 1993 in addition to the people’s love given by God and his exceptional abilities in delivering information in a simplified and effective at the same time, evidenced by the fact that the numbers of followers of Khaled on the of social and digital communication media platforms has exceeded 700 thousand people along with the millions following him through his distinguished programs and meetings and his permanent and remarkable media presence.

For his part, Khaled Jasim praised the move and expressed happiness to represent the distinguished brand “Utopia Properties”, which he has been cooperating with it on the personal level for the past five years, as well as its good reputation within the State of Qatar and abroad, which he has touched from all clients over the past years. The company also enjoys outstanding relations with a group of the largest real estate developers in the world to ensure the provision of many distinguished and profitable real estate opportunities for its customers. Khaled Jasim also stressed that this step carries a higher goal that we mainly seek to raise awareness and spread the foreign real estate culture to our people in the Gulf and to familiarize them with the right and guaranteed ways of real estate investment in countries such as Britain, Turkey, Canada, America, Georgia, Bosnia, etc., to protect them from the fraud that may be resorted to by some foreign agents to promote their properties, taking advantage of the weakness of real estate culture and the lack of knowledge of clients in the ways of law in those countries.

Its noteworthy that “Utopia Properties” , an associate of Top Real Estate Group, is one of the largest real estate investment and brokerage companies in the Gulf Region, and works from within the State of Qatar on providing real estate opportunities in countries such as Britain, Turkey, America, Canada etc., for the Gulf and Qatari investors on certain terms and criteria to ensure that the client enjoys a unique purchase experience and free from the difficulties and complexities in addition to ensuring all the legal rights of buyers in accordance with the laws applicable in those countries in order to achieve their high profitability levels.

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